Optimization of Anti-backlash Fibre Driven Parallel Kinematical Structures

Petr Svatoš, Zbyněk Šika, Michael Valášek, Václav Bauma, Pavel Polach


The paper deals with the optimization of the structure and parameters of the fibre driven parallel mechanism. The new concepts of these mechanisms are presented and analysed. The moving platform of the mechanisms is moved by fibres using the redundant number of actuators. The structures with redundant number of degrees of freedom were also designed and analysed. The additional DOFs were used for the improvement of the optimized properties of mechanisms. A global optimization tool for stiffness, dexterity and collisions is enhanced by a new additional criterion, namely the volume of the continuous anti-backlash subregion. This new criterion, which arises from the anti-backlash control strategy, ensures the tension forces in all fibres in the whole anti-backlash workspace subregion. Using the complete computational tools we are able to find the optimum variant of geometrical layout of the fibre structures.


Fibre Driven Mechanism, Parallel Kinematic Structure, Anti-backlash Control, Stiffness, Dexterity, Collisions, Optimization

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