Residual Modes for Structure Reduction and Efficient Coupling of Substructures

Zbynek Šika, Jan Zavrel, Michael Valasek


The paper deals with the systematical analysis of the reduction of the large structures using the singular perturbation approximation for the interconnected
subsystems. The proportionally damped system is considered in the special modal form identical to the almost balanced form of the model. The residual mode is evaluated for the different types of outputs, namely position, velocity and acceleration form. Two main targets are the efficiency of the algorithms and the accuracy of the coupled reduced model with respect to the original large model. The efficient algorithm and the significant improvement of the accuracy with respect to the interconnection of the truncated subsystems are shown.


Dynamical model reduction; State-space; Residual modes; Singular perturbation approximation; Coupling of substructures

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ISSN 1801-1217 (Print)
ISSN 1805-9422 (Online)
Published by the Czech Technical University in Prague, Faculty of Mechanical Engineering