A novel methodology for in vivo monitoring of chewing forces acting on a single lower molar during bolus processing

Tomas Goldmann, Lucie Himmlová


The magnitude of masticatory force acting on each
single tooth is likely very individual and dependent on extensive
number of variables varying during the life (number of occluding
teeth, size of contact surface, type of the food). Therefore it
is very important to determine not only masticatory force but
especially its direction and frequency when acting. These factors
can be responsible for possible overloading of teeth, abutments
or implants. The aim of this technical note is a proposal of a
new methodology of the experimental detection of masticatory
force and its direction including introduction of the theoretical
backround required for this measurement.


masticatory force measurement; in vivo experiment

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ISSN 1801-1217 (Print)
ISSN 1805-9422 (Online)
Published by the Czech Technical University in Prague, Faculty of Mechanical Engineering