Fibre composite optimization

Tomas Mares


Fibre composites are steadily becoming more and more popular both in
industry and science. This progress is unvarying for decades.
The call for optimization and tailoring of the properties of the fibre
composites is still clamorous and the author of the lecture is going
to present his humble contribution to this field of knowledge.
The paper is  devoted to an optimization,
namely to the stiffness maximization, of fibre composites. The fibre
composite is a composite composed of a fibre (or fibres) and matrix
(or matrices). The point is that the fibre can be oriented or even
bent and twisted in a suitable way.

The paper starts with a definition of the measure of stiffness as a
quantity to be maximized. Then there is excursion into the stiffness
maximization of thin plates. In the following, the emphasis
is on curved fibres and structures; as the curved shapes are more
natural for fibre composites. There arise the necessity to use the
curvilinear tensor calculus. For the consistence of the used symbology
the section shortly describing tensor calculus is placed at the
begining of the paper. The implementation of the tensor calculus
into the problems of fibre composite stiffness maximization is
demonstrated on stiffness maximization of a thick walled elliptic tube. The paper is concluded
with views on the future research that is based on the free fibre
composite optimization.


fibre; composite; optimization; stiffness; modelling

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