Design of composite seat post for cycle-ball bicycle frame

Tomas Kroupa


The  aim  of  the  work  was  to  design  a  laminated carbon-epoxy seat post for cycle-ball bicycle frame. It was double curved tube with circle-elliptical transition with special geometry of each end. The tube was analyzed with the use of finite element method and  the values of number of parameters were optimized.
These parameters were coordinates of boundaries of tube sections with  different  number  of  layers,  number  of  layer  pairs  in  each section and fiber orientation in the layers. Each pair of layers has plus-minus  fiber  orientation.  So-called  pareto  optimization  was performed  with  two  output  parameters,  the  weight  of  the  tube and maximum failure index throughout the whole tube calculated with the use of Puck’s criterion.


Composites; Finite element analysis; Optimalization

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Published by the Czech Technical University in Prague, Faculty of Mechanical Engineering